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apprehension instead of anticipation.

why didn`t i see this coming ahead of time? :| now that i have a new screen name all the people i avoid leave me messages on facebook. they would. argh =_=;; why is the question always "ARE YOU EXCITED!???!?!!?!?!?!?!!??!!?! [etc on question marks and exclamations.]" it`s like can you stop asking that question please. and if you KNEW me.. you would KNOW that i am so far from excited that you could probably extend vacation a little longer and i wouldn`t care. sigh. i think the biggest pet peeve i have is not keeping in contact with someone for a while and suddenly they just message you in some fashion just to learn about the latest happenings in your life. sorry people it doesn`t work that way. due to such events... i think i`ve become accustomed to using the word 'douche'. :| maybe it`s because too many people are being douches. i think that is all i have to rant about today. boo D:

my lovely super juniorrrrr.. cheer me up :( <3~ i need to order their album.. and movie <_<;;
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