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 argh. so lately i`ve been getting ready for college and one thing that i`m kind of blah about is freaking textbooks. why are they sooooo expensive :| if i bought all my books new + shipping it`s nearly $500 x[ sigh and it`s so difficult to find the right stuff online when they`re lame and don`t give u the isbn.. just so frustrating. sigh. this whole college process.. i got kind of sad yesterday after i left my uncle at the security checkpoint at the airport. it was just like wow. saying bye... in 2 weeks. i already know i`m going to be homesick and probably somewhat anti-social because of it. meh. at life.

 in other news.. i finished Coffee Prince today (: good stuff. i`m going to miss my dramas when i go to college >_<~!
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