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my friends are leaving me D: for the time being anyway. i`m kind of nervous to get my roommate/living assignment but i hope it all works out okay. i feel like i have so much stuff i still have to buy but when i started making my list yesterday i couldn`t think of a lot of things that would be necessary... just things that were somewhat obvious. argh. and my arm itches :| i would`ve put itchy for my mood but they didn`t have it and i didn`t really want to write it in xD i think it`s because of my last HPV shot which i got ON FRIDAY. rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr stop itching!!! :( i guess for the next couple of days i will clean [house or computer... or external! hehe oh i should add external to my list of need to buy crap XD >_>;; my mom is going to want to keep mine -_-"] and probably i`ll download more dramas/movies for my stocking up for college x[ i envy all of you kids that can come home whenever. boo. should i forget something you will not hear the end of it XD and i probably will. because i suck. do you guys have any drama recommendations? @_@ i hope i can finish up most of what i`m watching right now so i don`t have to drag anything :[

currently watching: 1 Litre of Tears*, Coffee Prince, Hana Kimi, Hwang Jin Yi**, Liar Game*, Que Sera Sera*, Why Why Love*, Yamada Tarou Monogatari*
* means not really XD either i`m behind or kind of on pause for subs OR most likely i don`t feel like watching it right now/ever XD
**saving this for college

i`m actually kind of hungry. off to find food :D
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