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    so i`m in vancouver right now and it`s just like gahhh. SO FAR... GOT LOST AT SFO BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. then while looking around i put my laptop case on top of my suitcase and it fell THREE times. so thennnn i discovered my laptop now has a dent, part of it was sticking out (but it was okay since it popped back in without any problems) AND I THINK I BROKE MY MOUSE KEYS. RAWRRR I`M SO MAD. it`s so hard to highlight+copy things and then RIGHT-CLICKING is IMPOSSIBLE. freaking. and then -_- within yknow. like 4 hours of arriving in canada, my mom`s cousin got pulled over. yay =____=;; not to mention i`m quite irritated and my mom is being really bitchy x[

    at least i have internet. but unfortunately.. it`s not wireless. which is why i should sleep since i can`t HIDE IN THE BATHROOM and type since everyone ELSE is asleep.
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